March 1, 2021

Transcription Services in 2021: Take Your Business Global

In today’s age of social media, digital networking, and a continuously synced global market, there are more opportunities than ever for those in leadership roles to grow their business. Such a rapidly growing digital market necessitates continual learning to remain competitive and relevant in today’s global economy. One way for many business owners to meet […]

In today’s age of social media, digital networking, and a continuously synced global market, there are more opportunities than ever for those in leadership roles to grow their business.

Such a rapidly growing digital market necessitates continual learning to remain competitive and relevant in today’s global economy. One way for many business owners to meet their growth goals would be to utilize transcription services. 

Transcription services perform the work of taking video or audio recordings and capturing the spoken word in digital hard copy. Transcription agencies incorporate both professional experts and advanced software to ensure high quality and accurate transference of auditory recordings to the written form. 

Which businesses benefit from transcription services?

Think back to the last time you had a lengthy conversation. 

Can you recall from memory the nitty-gritty details of each verbal exchange? Even if you may recollect most of the important information, there are sure to be some ideas that are lost to history. 

Next, consider a time when you reviewed notes that you or someone else took in a meeting. Did the notes capture each piece of information with specificity, or simply give an overview of the meeting’s major highlights. 

As a business owner, you constantly make decisions, collect data, review and reflect on outcomes, and evaluate the next steps to ensure success and growth. Each step you take and the decision you make result from analyzing the big picture and the smaller elements of design. You know the details can make all of the difference. 

Could having a hard copy of the conversations in your Zoom meeting or the plans you made on your conference calls help you make that difference? How about the audio notes you recorded when you had a brilliant idea to implement at a later time?

Given that most businesses involve a collaboration of creative minds rather than a singular decision-maker, most companies would benefit from transcription services. Transcription services will capture the innovative ideas recorded in a meeting or call and ensure that the details are tangible and ready to be reviewed and utilized when needed. 

A digital hard copy of transcribed plans also ensures that all members of your business team are on the same page. 

A written copy of your next brilliant initiative will guarantee that each employee clearly understands their roles and responsibilities in the shared vision your company has created together. 

Professions Needing Transcription Services

Although most businesses would benefit from transcription services, some areas of work rely more heavily on transcription than others. If you work in the field of law or medicine, you are aware that every detail counts. 

Attorneys: Win your next case by using transcription services to make sure you have a record of every piece of evidence. Even the most hard-to-hear audio recordings can be interpreted by transcription software and experts. 

Medical professionals: Ensure that your patients receive quality treatment by using transcription services to detail their care with accuracy and precision. 

Public, motivational, keynote speakers, and educators: Turn your speeches into a hard copy to benefit students and attendees who learn best visually, are hard of hearing, or have to miss a class or event. 

Podcasters: Turn your audio recordings into blogs for the benefit of their various subscribers. 

Writers: Use transcription services to convert your audio recordings of notes or ideas into digitized hard copies that you can later revise and edit your work. 

Researchers and consultants: If you are seeking feedback to improve marketing and content strategies, use transcription services to change visual and audio recordings of interviews and feedback into written form. Then, you can analyze and evaluate best practices and next steps based on collected data. 

Strategists: Transcription services allow you to assemble data into easy-to-see evidence to support logic when collaborating with others. 

There are many other businesses that better serve their clientele from the information they receive using quality transcription services. 

Automatic vs. Speech to Text Transcription

How could your business benefit from this highly-regarded method of promoting business growth?

Automatic transcription takes a pre-recorded video or audio file and produces written text to accompany the spoken language. 

Automatic transcription is the perfect tool for anyone who works with producing videos, records meetings or conducts digital interviews or collaborative processes. Imagine accessing a wider audience with the click of a button - that is how easy automatic transcription is to use!

Automatic transcription can be used to provide videos with closed captions, which offers a more inclusive manner of sharing information with viewers and clients. Such a service can also save a team member from having to take possibly inaccurate or subpar notes in a meeting.

Rather, the automatic transcription service can convert the creative collaboration from your team’s brainstorming session into written notes, freeing up a team member to fully contribute and ensuring that no idea is left undocumented. 

A speech-to-text transcription is an essential tool for business leaders on the go. 

  • Need a note sent automatically to your employees? Speak into your favorite speech-to-text transcription app and have your message sent. 
  • Have an idea for a book you are writing? Record your thoughts while you’re out for a walk or handling other business and read and revise your work when convenient. 
  • Record an interview live and review your potential candidates in writing with your team before making a big decision. 

No matter which type of transcription service you use, such a tool will provide you with: 

  • More time; 
  • A more efficient means of communication; 
  • A higher level of detailed evaluation opportunities; 
  • Inclusivity to offer clientele; 
  • Untapped potential for an exponentially wider market. 

Weighing the benefits of a transcription service just leaves a business owner with one question:

Types of transcription services

Most transcription services make you choose. You must choose between transcriptions that are generated by humans or by machines. You must choose between expensive but accurate transcription or budget-friendly transcription with more room for error. Though you may save money on some machine-generated transcription services, the number of hours needed to adequately edit and finalize the transcriptions nearly render the service moot. 

Some services let you choose between languages of transcription translation - but are limited to only a handful of languages and therefore only a handful of populations to reach.

CGC Translation Systems offers transcription services that do not make you choose between bits and pieces of what you want as a business owner, but it offers you the full array of services you need. Rather than selecting between the accuracy of human-generated transcription and the quick turnaround provided by machines, CGC combines human experts with cutting-edge technology that ensures prompt and precise transcription. 

CGC specializes in closed captioning and audio/visual transcription services where you customize the placement and size of the text. You can even improve your Zoom communication by adding closed captioning to your Zoom calls and meetings, allowing you to speak with people from all over the globe without language being a barrier to collaboration.

We offer translation within and between over fifty languages, with human experts in the field of the languages to guarantee that even the most obscure dialect is transcribed to perfection. 

Timely Transcriptions

  1. Free up your time spent transcribing to focus your energy, innovative ideas, and prime productivity hours on the decisions that matter most in your career. 

Using a transcription service will take tedious tasks off of your plate so that you can center your priorities in your business management. 

  1. Expand your business on an exponential level by utilizing a renowned and reliable transcription and translation service. 

CGC Translation Services team is always ready and happy to listen to your vision and see how we can provide services to help you accomplish your goals for business growth from a local to a global scale. 

  1. Take the next step in engaging customers and clientele on a global scale by exploring how transcription services can grow your business and help you reach your career goals. 

Simply input your information into CGC’s contact form at A knowledgeable representative from the CGC team will reach out to you to learn about your business and offer you an estimate for the type of services that best suit your transcription and translation needs.

Article written by CGC Translations
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