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CGC Translation Services provides exceptional quality and fast results at the most competitive rates in the industry. We have wide experience translating a vast range of content types.

translate anything

Native translators

We work with a team of native translators to ensure round-the-clock translation services
which are both accurate & authentic. We are 100% quality-focused. Our translators are
evaluated on an ongoing basis and we use our top-notch translation software for all

Translate anything

Translate everything and anything from travel listings and guides, Marketing content and
social media, manuals, ecommerce product descriptions, online blogs and articles, email,
documents, medical content, website, apps, mobile and videogames, among others.

Speed and accuracy

We use project management tools that allow us to streamline operations and work with high
volumes of content at speed.

Translation Service Experience with CGC Translation Services

1. Place your quote request
In order to get the quoting journey started with us, please share your project details and include your preferred formatting, special instructions and delivery date. Specify the language it is in (source) and the language you need to translate it into (target).
2. Personalized Quoting Journey
Receive an email from our dedicated Sales Team. One of our Sales Representatives will be in touch with you via email to personally handle your request. We're happy to explain all the details of the project you’ve asked us a translation quote for.
Don’t be shy! We’re also delighted to get on a call with you to discuss project details, best approach and business needs.  We will accompany you on your journey and make sure we capture all the details of the translation project.
3. Seamless QA Process
We're 100% about giving you the best service experience. QA excellence is a MUST. We'll assign a dedicated Project Manager who will oversee the whole translation process. All of our translations are handled by native professional translators with years of experience in their relevant niche or industry. You’ll in great hands!
We work with a three-step QA process: Translation + Editing + Proofreading by different team members who will ensure the final content looks 100% amazing!
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Translation Technology

Translation Memory

Translation memory matches segments that have previously been translated, and then reuses them so you don’t pay for the same translation twice. This customer-specific tool allows us to increase the quality and speed of translation over time.

Rigorous QA Checks

We use the best available tools in the market to mark different linguistic and stylistic errors. Our QA team oversees the QA process from A to Z to make sure the content is accurate.
Gaming Localization
Documents & Manuals
Software, App & Web
Marketing & Creative
Technical & Industrial
Travel & Tourism
Legal & Financial
Education Content

Get an estimate today

Normally, our team will reply within a day
To get an estimate for our services, please complete our contact form and our team will reach out to you at the earliest convenience
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