March 2, 2021

Localization Services: A Great Feature Or A Must?

What could have helped Gerber from making a marketing mistake on a global scale? Localization services. Let us explain... Gerber, a baby food company, is known for its iconic logo of the face of an infant on the front of its containers of food. In the United States, Gerber experienced such profit that the company […]

What could have helped Gerber from making a marketing mistake on a global scale? Localization services. Let us explain...

Gerber, a baby food company, is known for its iconic logo of the face of an infant on the front of its containers of food. In the United States, Gerber experienced such profit that the company decided to expand internationally. 

Grocery stores in Germany were one market that Gerber attempted to saturate with its adorable, baby-faced products. In Germany, however, most food packaging portrayed the food item that was being sold. Although people knew that Gerber was not selling an actual baby in a jar, the association of the picture to the product was too strong for potential customers to buy the Gerber product at a high rate.

A simple replacement of a photo of a baby with a food product may have made all the difference for Gerber’s expansion. 

Localization: The business of developing businesses 

Localization Services CGC

You are ready to take your business from the national to the global market. After the diligence, persistence, and evaluative decision-making that led you to the opportunity to grow your business, you want to ensure that your company is competitive on an international scale. 

The final step to your success is simple: localization services. Localization services translate your company’s language of origin to the language of the localities you are now seeking to serve. Studies show that potential clients overwhelmingly select to engage with and make purchases on sites and services that they can read in their native language. Localization services, however, extend far beyond language translation. 

Being aware and respectful of various customs and cultures around the world can prevent a company from promoting a product or idea that at worst, offends, or at best, makes little sense, to clients who have a worldview that differs from the company’s leaders. While a business owner may not have the capacity for the-depth research that is required to learn the values of their global market, localization services can offer expertise in the perspectives of any specified country.

When do you need localization services?

Localization services are considered essential anytime a business is growing beyond its local borders. If a company is expanding from one country to another, localization services are certainly needed. However, even the wide geographic span of the United States can bring a company into a region where values are very different from its home. 

In order to fully access potential clientele, it is imperative that a business goes beyond mere language translation. Localization services customize your brand, language dialect, analyze local needs, and designs a market strategy that makes your product relevant to your target customer demographic.

Below are a few questions that localization services seek answers to in order to successfully localize a service:

  • What are the language, punctuation and grammar rules, and currency symbols of the target economy?
  • How do the semantics, idioms, and dialect of one language translate to another given local culture and context?
  • What is the political climate of the location?
  • What are the values of the local religion and lifestyles practiced by the clientele?
  • What is the economic structure of the region and how can a business complement the needs created by the local market?
  • What access to technology does the population have?
  • What marketing strategies have been successful in this location? Which approaches have proved to not be profitable for this population? 

As a busy business owner, you would benefit from adding a localization service as an essential component to your team. Localization services would seek the answers to these questions and provide a high-quality marketing strategy that would best position your business for advancement anywhere in the world.

CGC’s Localization Services

Localization Services CGC

CGC Locationalization Services offers a team of highly-trained linguists, translators, marketers, engineers, and graphic designers from around the world whose education and experience are unparalleled.

We specialize in localizing several types of businesses, including the fields of:

  • E-Learning: Allow us to adapt your platform to the local language, symbols, and interface so that you can serve students on a global level.
  • Medicine and pharmaceuticals: We blend the experience of experts in the medical, biotechnology, and public health fields with technology to ensure accuracy and a knowledgeable representation of your business.
  • Online gaming: Clients gravitate towards the rules and regulations they understand. Offer your customers local lingo as they play poker games in an online casino! 
  • Legal matters: Every word and phrasing matters in a legal document. CGC offers local translators and technology that ensures accuracy in translation down to the most specific terminology. 
  • Website design: Our linguists are well-versed in over fifty languages that can be incorporated into your multilingual website to promote global interaction and a growing customer base. 
  • Software: Guarantee that your software format is easily understood and applied in over fifty languages.
  • Technology apps: Grab global clientele with game and service apps that make your interface easy to work with and appealing to the eye. 
  • Tourism, Travel, and Real Estate: Gather customers from all over the world by making your location and services accessible via language and cultural competency. 
  • Finance: Complete business deals with ease as CGC navigates your interactions with the global business by eliminating language, cultural, and economic barriers. 
  • E-commerce: Increase the revenue of your business by being able to work with anyone in the world on financial ventures. 

In addition to offering a variety of translation and localization services for various sectors of business, CGC Localization Services guarantees a personal care for your project, competitive pricing, and the utmost confidence and security when it comes to your company. CGC Localization Services invites you to begin the conversation about how we can support the growth of your industry by reaching out

Together, we can customize your marketing approach, the language and dialect of your platform, and culturally aware graphics and design to make your services appealing on a global scale. Before you launch worldwide, ensure success by finalizing your product with localization services. 

Article written by CGC Translations
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